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(3) Footprints in the Sand

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Self Published Books

The Program Souvenir Book is perhaps one of most unique keepsakes that has a long shelf life The program book not only gives basic information about the event but it also provides advertising, recognizes special people and presents other general items that may be of interest to the attendees.

Carbonless Forms

Special Event Fans

The Wedding Invitation is the very first impression your guests will have about your wedding ! We all know that first impressions are lasting, so ensuring the appropriate attention has been allocated to your wedding invitations will do wonders in setting the stage for your guests to enjoy and share blissful memories of your special day. Building anticipation is a good way of ensuring your big day will be remembered. Also, it’s worth noting that your guests may have received several wedding invitations that year so it might be worth investing some extra effort into your wedding invitation and making it that little bit more original, which will help your invitation stand out from the others.

A tract is a short, simple presentation of the gospel message, printed in convenient pocket size, designed for easy distribution and use. There is probably no easier, more convenient way to share the Good News of Jesus Christ than through the use of gospel tracts. Many people have been led to Christ in this way. Consider these features of such a ministry:

1. There is no certain time or amount of time required - just whenever the opportunity arises.
2. Tracts can be left anywhere or shared with almost anyone.
3. There are tracts for every occasion, for every need, and for every type of person.
4. Tracts can be distributed by anyone, regardless of age, sex, race, or education.
5. Tracts provide an easy way to "break the ice" or "open the door" to witness.
6. Tracts eliminate the problem of forgetfulness or uncertainty of what to say.
7. The message, since it is printed, can be taken home, re-read and studied.
8. Tracts can be passed along, and can therefore be used over and over again.
9. Tracts can be mass distributed easily.
10. Tracts are inexpensive and can be handed out liberally.Type your paragraph here.

Business cards are still one of the most effective and affordable networking tools. A unique card, beautifully designed and printed can speak volumes about who you are and what you represent. It is imperative to have a professional and appealing business card in todays market.

Personalized Legal Tablets

Witnessing tools


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What is a track?

3 designs to choose from, once folded the track measures

3.25 x 6. Standard inside printed on all tracks, customize the back with your contact information. 

(As shown to the right)​